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     Assembly Of God Parsonage
     Farmers Union Elevator Co
     KFYR TV Microwave Tower
     Regan County Shop
     Alan Hausauer
     Assembly of God
     Celley Farms
     Assembly Of God Parsonage
     Regan Post Office
     Farmers Union Elevator
     Mark Hausauer Shop
     K F Y R TV Microwave Tower
     Jerry Bucholz
     Lyle Wagner
     Morris Feedlot Cleaning
     Myrna Nigrin
     Paul F Folmer Jr
     Regan Main Office
     Shane Morris
     Wayne Falkenstein
 Mc Kenzie
 Wheat Farm
 Wheat Farm Soybean Farm
 Beef Cattle Feedlot
 Beef Cattle-except Feedlot
  Assembly & Fabricating Service
  Us Postal Service
  Post Offices
  Feed-Dealers (Wholesale)
  Television & Radio-Dealers
  Religious Organization
  Government Offices-County