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     Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
     Golden Spike National Historic
     Howell School
     Southwest Parks/Monuments Assn
     Pheasant Valley Hunting Rsrv
     Town Of Howell
     Douglas Farms
     Hawkes Bradly
     Howell Elementary School
     Kotamoon Creations
     Leon Kotter
     Nessen Farms
     Paul Green
 Bear River City
 Brigham City
 Grouse Creek
 Park Valley
 Wheat Farm Field Crop Farm
 Corn Farm Soybean Farm
 Beef Cattle Feedlot Field Crop Farm Corn Farm Soybean F
 Beef Cattle-except Feedlot
  Metal Art Fabrication
  Automobile Parts & Supplies-Wholesale
  Historical Places
  Elementary/secondary School
  Government Offices-City, Village & Twp
 Hunting & Fishing Preserves