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     US Post Office
     US Social Svc Dept
     Tribal Environmental Quality
     US Chamberlain Administration
     C C Wellness Diabetes Director
     C C Wellness Diabetes Educator
     C C Wellness Diabetes Program
     Children's Safe Place
     Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
     Shoots The Ememy Corbin
     Crow Creek Bible Church
     CROW Creek Early Head Start
     Crow Creek Enrollment
     Crow Creek Environmental Qlty
     Crow Creek Finance Dept
     Crow Creek Healthly Start
     Crow Creek Individual Money
     Crow Creek Sioux Headstart
     Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Scrtry
     Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
     Us Crow Creek Sioux Land Mgmt
     US Lake Information
     US Law & Order Branch
     Boys & Girls Club Teen Ctr
     Boys & Girls Club-Three Dstrct
     Swift Horse Lodge
     Special Officer
     St Joseph's Catholic Church
     Crow Creek Optometry Program
     Crow Creek Sioux Dacotah Farms
     Crow Creek Sioux Environment
     Crow Creek Sioux Housing Auth
     Crow Creek Sioux Rights Office
     Crow Creek Sioux Roads Dept
     Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Court
     Educational Talent Search
     Project Safe
     Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Realty
     Crow Creek Sioux TWEPT
     Crow Creek Sioux Water Plant
     Crow Creek Sioux Wildlife Dept
     Crow Creek Tribal Elementary
     Dacotah Tipis-Habitat-Humanity
     Diamond Willow Ministries
     Environmental Quality
     Fast Walker Youth Ctr
     Food Distribution Program
     Fort Thompson Community Health
     Fort Thompson Police Dept
     Golden Age Ctr
     North Shore Bait Tackle & Cafe
     Higher Education & Emplymnt
     Hunkpatia Road Stop
     Millennium Bar
     Indian Health Ctr
     Mary Manor Apartments
     Ft Thompson Fire
     Gann Valley Fire Dept
     Health Care Svc
     Lode Star Casino
     Lode Star Motel
     B & L Business Enterprise
     Criminal Investigator
     Crow Creek Child Care
     CROW Creek Early Head Start
     Crow Creek Elementry School
     Crow Creek Environmental Qlty
     Crow Creek Finance Dept
     Crow Creek Sioux Headstart
     Crow Creek Sioux Rights Office
     Crow Creek Sioux Tribal
     CROW Creek Sioux Water Plant
     Crow Creek Tribe Utility
     Fort Thompson Police Dept
     Hunkpatia Road Stop
     Lynn's Dakotamart
     Buffalo Co WIC Office
     CCST Employment Training
     Crow Creek Gaming Commission
     Crow Creek Housing Maintenance
     Food Distribution Program
     Ft Thompson Ambulance Dept
     Golden Age Ctr
     Kally Comes Flying
     Lynn's Dakotamart
     Project Safe
     US Law & Order Branch
     US Post Office
     US Social Svc Dept
     Veteran's Service Officer
     St John's Catholic Chr
     Boys Grls Clubs Three Dstricts
     Broken Bow Ranch Inc
     Cokecreek Utility
     Criminal Investigation Office
     Crow Creek Agency
     Crow Creek Early Headstart
     Crow Creek Elementary School
 Fort Thompson
 Gann Valley
  Housing Authority
 General Crop Farm
 Horses/other Equines Farm
  Ambulance Service
  Local Passenger Transportation
  Local Trucking Operator
  Us Postal Service
  Post Offices
  Electric Companies
  Combination Utilities
  Water Supply Service
  Ret Groceries
  Convenience Stores
  Ret Groceries
  Fishing Bait
  Housing Authorities
  Hotels & Motels
  Employment Agencies & Opportunities
  Detective/armored Car Services Police Protection
  Business Services Nec
  Recreation Centers
  Help Organiztion
  Optometrists Od
  Specialty Outpatient Clinic
  Specialty Outpatient Clinic
  Wellness Programs
  Diabetes Grant
  Elementary/secondary School
  Family Services
  Individual/family Services
  After School Youth Program
  Individual/family Services
  Senior Citizens Service
  Crisis Intervention Service
  Social Service & Welfare Organizations
  Youth Organizations & Centers
  Child Day Care Services
  Child Care Service
  Schools-Nursery & Kindergarten Academic
  Child Day Care Services
  Senior Citizens Service Organizations
  Social Services
  Alcoholism Information & Treatment Ctrs
  Human Services Organizations
  Non-Profit Organizations
  Community Organizations
  Religious Organization
  Religious Organizations
  Environmental & Ecological Services
  Educational Consultants
  Government Offices-Us
  Government Offices-County
  Encourages And Assists The Indian People To Manage Thei
  Executive/legislative Combined
  Finance Department
  Government Offices-Indian
  Tribal Court
  Police Departments
  Fire Departments
  Health Services
 Wildlife Projects & Management
  Nonclassified Establishments