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     Wesleyan Church
     Turner Motel
     Phillips Pipe Line Company
     Campo Elementary & High School
     Dennis J Tevebaugh Livestock
     Lightning Livestock Trans
     Bobby Tanner
     Prairie Nook Farms
     Slash Bar Four Inc
     Brown John
     Ted Lasley
     Nicodemus Williard
     Jerry Houser
     Challenger Farms Ltd
     W F Ratliff
     Virgil R Rodgers
     Rider Noble
     Boyd Chicks
     Johnie Dixon
     Hinds Farms
     Howard Rodarmel
     US Post Office
     Canyon Creations
     American Son Transportation
     Jenkins Livestock Trnsp
     Dlt Harvesting and Hauling
     Bullock Industries
     Bullock Industries
     Campo Cafe
     Campo Community Ctr
     Campo School District
     Cargill Inc
     County Shop
     Jenkins Livestock Trnsprtn
     Jenkins Pilot Car Svc
     Jenni's Gifts
     Laverne Jenkins Trucking
     Panhandle Telecommunication
     Wait Harvesting
     Assembly Of God
     Clarence's Truck Stop
     Bryan Lyndell
     Ownbey Zoretta
     Schnaufer Inc
     Conoco Phillips Pipe Line Co
     Clarence Truck Stop
     Fire Dept
     Insta Com Inc
 Two Buttes
 Wheat Farm
 Corn Farm
 Cash Grains Farm
 General Crop Farm
 Beef Cattle Feedlot Cash Grains Farm
 Beef Cattle-except Feedlot
 Beef Cattle-except Feedlot Cash Grains Farm
  Mfg Auto/apparel Trimming
  Grain Haulers Cash Grains Farm
  Local Trucking Operator
  Livestock Hauling
  Post Offices
  Crude Petroleum Pipeline
  Pipe Line Companies
  Truck-Permit Service
  Pilot Car Service
  Telephone Companies
  Grain-Dealers (Wholesale)
  Whol Livestock
  Hay & Alfalfa (Wholesale)
  Service Station
  Service Stations-Gasoline & Oil
  Gift Shops
  Hotels & Motels
 Crop Harvesting Services
  Recreation Centers
  Elementary/secondary School
  Government Offices-County
  Fire Departments